Sterilis Device - 3D Renderings
Photorealistic 3D renderings of the Sterilis Device by Michael Iverson.
The images below are photorealistic 3D renderings of the Sterilis Device, a revolutionary new way to treat regulated medical waste.  3D .STL files of the Sterilis Device were edited, re-topologized, textured and rendered for print and digital output including overview animations.  For more information on the Sterilis Device, please visit the Sterilis Medical web site -

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Touch Screen User Interface rendering close-up shot.  Several user interface renderings were completed using current screen artwork to accurately depict the treatment process.  The green colored touch-screen depicted above indicates the sterilization process has completed.
Modo 801 User Interface displaying the Render tab layout.  Modo was used extensively to edit and retopologize imported .STL part files which were textured and rendered for print and digital output. 
Modo 801 User Interface displaying the Animation tab layout.  Modo makes it very easy to simulate real-worl and impossible lighting setups for still and animations in a fun and intuative manner.  Pictured above is a traditional 3-point lighting setup with light targets to easily adjust their position, color and effect in the virtual scene.
Modo 801 User Interface displaying the Model Quad tab layout.  Modo was also used for producing several 3D animated segments using Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe After Effects CC and SpeedGrade CC.
Touch screen user interface rendering close-up.  This is a beauty shot for a print brochure depicting a top-down  perspective view of the defualt user start screen.
3D Rendering of the Sterilis Device in a lab environment illustrating the device can be wheeled into nearly any location to process regulated medical waste at the Point of Generation (P.O.G.).
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